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Insomnia is a fairly common sleep disorder that humans experience at some point in their lifetime. It can be acute insomnia due to a temporary spike in our stress level or chronic insomnia, which makes our daily lives troublesome. When sleeplessness leads to a drop in performance or obstruction in day-to-day life, insomnia disorder treatment becomes necessary. Sleeping regularly and restfully is as important as maintaining a balanced diet to ensure good health.

Symptoms and Causes

Insomnia disorder can be experienced in various ways like:

  • lack of sleep,
  • waking up too early,
  • being tired after a night’s sleep,
  • anxiety,
  • increase in accidents.

It can occur due to a lot of reasons. An increase in stress due to work or school, irregular sleep habits, traveling, certain medications, depression, anxiety, alcohol etc. can lead to insomnia disorder.

Treatment Methodology

Chronic insomnia disorder should be treated effectively to prevent any related complications. Insomnia treatment in Arizona provided by the Arizona Neurology and Sleep Center is focused on offering the patients a detailed diagnosis and suggesting the most suitable options. Cognitive behavioral therapy and medications are the most common treatment options chosen for insomnia disorder treatment. Sleep medicines are used only for short durations. Behavioral therapy is used to treat the root causes of insomnia.



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