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Diagnostic Testing

We offer the following diagnostic tests:

  • Electroencephalograms (EEG – Brain Wave Test) *
  • Transcranial Doppler  (TCD) *
  • HST (Home Sleep Testing) *
  • Ambulatory 24 hour EEG studies (for Epilepsy patients) *
  • Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS -Nerve studies)  *
  • Electromyography (EMG – Muscle studies) *
  • Skin Biopsies for nerve evaluation ( Small Fiber Neuropathy) *
  • Somatosensory Evoked Potentials *
  • Benign Positional Vertigo evaluation (Dix Hallpike Maneuver)
  • Dementia screening and Driving Safety Evaluations *
  • TM Flow System
  • Autonomic Nervous Systems (ANS)
  • Polysomnogram/ CPAP facilitation and sleep study interpetations
  • Lumbar Punctures for Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, Meningitis, Multiple Sclerosis
  • Coordinate performance of Cerebral Angiograms with the neuroradiologist in hospital 

(* indicates in-house testing)

See   How to Prepare for Testing    for instructions on how to prepare before arriving for procedures.


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