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Arizona Neurology and Sleep Center

Arizona Neurology and Sleep Center has gained a very positive reputation in the field of neurology and sleep disorders since it was established in 2010. Our clinic offers a wide array of services and treatments for a variety of neurological conditions. Our health professionals work diligently with each patient at Arizona Sleep Center in order to provide them with the finest possible care. With Dr. Jose “Joel” De Ocampo, MD as our lead neurologist in Arizona, we offer a team of highly trained professionals who are committed to providing the most efficient and effective care possible in a peaceful and understanding environment. 

Sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, and narcolepsy often cause serious issues if left untreated, especially when they affect sleep quality. Among the services we offer are comprehensive neurology and sleep studies that can be used to diagnose sleep disorders. We work with patients to come up with a treatment plan to help alleviate symptoms through behavioral therapy and other effective means. Various diagnostic tests including Electroencephalogram (EEG), Transcranial Doppler (TCD) and Home Sleep Testing (HST) are offered at Arizona Sleep Center. Our team specializes in clinical neurophysiology, neurology, neuromuscular medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and sleep medicine.

In addition to our expertise in sleep disorders, Arizona Neurology and Sleep Center is also well-versed in treating neurological conditions such as migraines, seizures, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and neuropathy. Our team of professionals includes neurologists, sleep specialists, and physical therapists who work together to provide a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to patient care. We strive to ensure that our patients receive the best care for their neurological conditions and sleep disorders through personalized treatment plans.

At Arizona Neurology and Sleep Center, we believe in educating our patients about their conditions and treatments. We understand that a well-informed patient is better equipped to make decisions regarding their care. Our team takes the time to explain diagnosis and treatment options to our patients understandably and compassionately. Additionally, we encourage our patients to take an active role in their care and to ask questions about any concerns they may have. By working together, we can help our patients achieve optimal health and well-being. Overall, Arizona Neurology and Sleep Center is committed to providing the highest quality care to our patients. With our team of highly trained professionals and state-of-the-art technology, we are well-equipped to diagnose and treat neurological conditions and sleep disorders. Our goal is to help our patients improve their quality of life by providing personalized and compassionate care. If you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms of a neurological condition or sleep disorder, don’t hesitate to contact Arizona Neurology and Sleep Center for an appointment.

Dr. Jose “Joel” De Ocampo, MD

Expert Neurologist in Arizona

Dr. Jose “Joel” De Ocampo, MD has been a practicing board certified neurologist for nearly two decades. The American Board of Medical Specialties recognizes his expertise in the Specialties of Neurology, Clinical Neurophysiology, Neuromuscular Disorders, and Sleep Medicine. He was the medical director of The Sleep Center at Oaktree Medical Centre (2001-2005) and The Sleep Center at Southwest Neuroscience Institute in affiliation with Scottsdale Neurological Consultants (2006-2009) where he was also Attending Physician. He continues to serve as a Board of Director at Independence National Bank in South Carolina. Dr. De Ocampo moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 2006 and established the Arizona Neurology and Sleep Center in 2010.



What Are the Types of Sleep Disorders?



Insomnia is a sleep disorder where people have difficulty falling or staying asleep.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder that occurs when a person's breathing is interrupted during sleep.

Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a sleep disorder that causes an intense, often irresistible urge to move the legs.


Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder of sleep regulation that affects the control of sleep and wakefulness.
What our clients say


I had an issue with a medication and the medical assistant did a great job at explaining. Dr. Jose De Ocampo is wonderful, very intelligent man. I have had a lot of health issues in the past, and he has helped me tremendously.

Gus Mamouth

Gus Mamouth

Dr. De Campos and all of the staff. Everyone was very nice and professional. I never felt like they were trying to rush me out of there, and they listened to my concerns. Thank you for helping me on my journey to getting well again.

Rito Torres

Rito Torres

Both Dr. De Ocampo and NP Rachel have taken exceptional care of me each time I am in the office. The staff is always super welcoming and good at their jobs. Highly recommend visiting for any neurology or sleep issues.

Kelly Radcliff

Kelly Radcliff

They are actually punctual and still take the time to speak to and relate to their patients. Rachel is awesome, she actually focuses on your care and Dr. De Campo is so knowledgeable about all forms of epilepsy. I will never go to another Neurologist.

Leah Rush-Skelton

Leah Rush-Skelton

Dr De Ocampo actually took the time to listen. Nice to find a Dr who wants to understand what’s going on with me. His Staff, my highest regards, they are very nice, professional and caring. That’s both on the phone and in person.

Doreen Des Plaines

Doreen Des Plaines

Conditions We Treat

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